Wanted: A Daily Remedy

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Do you get headaches?  If so, do you know the cause?   I woke up this morning with another nagging headache.  For the last 2 weeks, this has been happening daily.  Sometimes, the pain in my head can be so debilitating that all I can do is lie on the couch and hope for it to go away.  Ibuprofen doesn’t help, nor does a wet rag.  Staying hydrated doesn’t help, nor do neck stretches that should prevent them.  So why does this continue to be a problem?

When I first started getting these chronic headaches a few years ago, my doctor injected me with Botox in my forehead.  We did this over and over again, and I’m really not sure if it helped.  The part that stood out was the fact that insurance is reluctant to cover Botox as a treatment, which means the injections needed to be coded just right.   Why is this important?  If you read any number of articles, including this one, you’ll discover there’s a link between chronic pain and headaches.  As a lay person, I’m still trying to understand the causes associated with nerves so that I can explain it one day. Right now, all I can do is relay my daily experiences.

So why is it that insurance companies won’t pay for a treatment that is recommended by doctors?  Does there need to be more research done to convince them they should be covering this course of action?  How many of us need to suffer with chronic headaches before a successful treatment is identified and accepted by the people who control our medical options?

Another cause of headaches you may not be aware of is a condition called Bruxism.  This is the grinding or clenching of your teeth.  If you live alone, you don’t have the luxury of having someone tell you what you’re doing in your sleep.  Bruxism can lead to a TMJ disorder that, in turn, can cause tension headaches.  Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a headache throbbing across your forehead?  Or  do you wake up in the morning with one?  If so, you may be grinding your teeth and not even know it.

If you live with chronic pain and get chronic headaches, is there a treatment you’ve found to be helpful?  If you grind your teeth, has your dentist given you the magic cure for eliminating those headaches?  Of course, my obvious hope is that this hasn’t happened to you.  But as someone who seems to be experiencing more disorders than the average bear, I want you to know what you MIGHT be experiencing.  No one gave me the handbook.  I’m having to figure it out on my own.  Last night I underwent a sleep study, which I’ll write about next time, that will hopefully identify the cause of my own daily headaches.

I’m curious to know if you’ve discovered a remedy that soothes your headaches. Depending on the cause, other people’s cures may not work.  But it never hurts to have more ideas than we need. But if there’s any chance we can rise above the misery, it doesn’t hurt to have a plethora of ideas within our grasp.  You never know which one might work.


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