Intermission for an Invitation

Before moving on to chapter 2 of “New Beginnings”, I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect.  This past week has been difficult as I’ve noticed new physical symptoms cropping up that are having a negative impact on my health.  From tripping to falling down, a scar on my knee to scratches on my face, I have been recording these events in my journal to see if I can find any patterns to explain why this could be happening.  I don’t think they are typically symptoms of cervical dystonia, although I could be wrong.  Perhaps it’s my body telling me to take care of myself as I experience more stress than normal.  But it does concern me, and I’m having to take a step back and examine myself from the outside.

However, when I am writing this blog and sharing my personal experiences as a woman in her 40s with a neurological movement disorder, I gravitate towards examining myself from the inside.  Sometimes, a piece of writing is filled with an “Ah-ha!” moment for me.  Sometimes, I just want to share with you what the difference is between the 39 years when I was relatively healthy to the present where I have a disability.  At all times, I just hope there is something I write that connects with the reader.

That’s where this invitation comes in.  As I wrote at the beginning of the blog itself, I really want this space to be a place where you, the reader,  feel comfortable sharing your own stories, sharing connections you have made while reading that may or may not have to do with chronic pain, and sharing your thoughts and feelings about these connections in the comments below.   When we have a favorite song, what do we do?  Sing along!  When we read something we connect with, we might think about it, discuss it, or write about it.  Brandi Carlisle’s video for The Story” can introduce this in a more powerful way than I can.

As I watched this video  for the first time, I thought about the idea of an empty theater with all those chairs unoccupied, the artist never knowing how many people she touched.  Of course, musicians can gauge who their audience is through the sales of their music and concert tickets.  But when you are a blog author, It’s difficult to know if anyone is in the audience at all. My goal is to engage in dialogue with you.  That could be from afar or through the use of the Comments section below.  And not a dialogue solely with me.  My intent is to connect us so that we are all learning and exploring together.  Perhaps, it starts with a question.  Or maybe it’s a a statement like “I felt that too when…”  However you choose to participate, that is the right way for you.  

My hopes and dreams are to bring the topic of chronic pain to the forefront and to have it be a topic that is regularly talked about in the media.  In my mind, this includes addiction and mental illness.  The media hasn’t done it on its own so it’s up to us to start the conversations.  So please.  If you haven’t already.  Get comfy leaning back in your recliner, and engage with my blog in the way you feel most comfortable.  

“These stories don’t mean anything, when you have no one to tell them to.  It’s true.”–Brandi Carlisle



2 thoughts on “Intermission for an Invitation

  1. My sister-in-law has COPD. Her constant struggle to breath must be just awful both of her and my brother. She doesn’t want visitors for fear of catching something. I fear they are so isolated. Or maybe I am feeling isolated from them.


  2. For those of us who don’t know, what is COPD? I know how isolating it has been for me, trying to adjust to this time with my disability. Thank you for connecting and sharing.


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